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Beer Glass Rinser Ultimate Guide and How To

May 8, 2022
Beer Glass Rinser Ultimate Guide and How To

It's no secret that a clean beer glass makes for a better beer drinking experience. In fact, many bars have a beer glass rinser installed in their drip trays. Making sure their glasses are always prepped before beers poured. But what if you don't have a rinser at your bar? Restaurant? Or you're experiencing some difficulties with one.No this post I'll talk about the benefits of having a beer glass rinser. The common solutions for troubleshooting one. So you can get back to serving customers delicious tasting beer.

What is a Beer Glass Rinser and What Do They Do 

A beer glass rinser is a piece of dispensing equipment that's used to prep beer glasses before pouring beer. By rinsing the beer glass before pouring beer. It helps to remove any residual smells or tastes that may be present in the glass. Removes dust particles that may have settled in the glass. And it also helps to prevent beer from foaming because it cools the glass's surface. Beer glass rinsers are usually made of stainless steel or plastic. They're located inside drip trays. Or mounted to the side of one. Rinsing beer glasses with a beer glass rinser is an essential step in serving the perfect pint.

Picture of a Rinser
Picture of a Beer Glass Rinser

How to Troubleshoot Common Problems With A Beer Glass Rinser 

First, it is important to make sure that your beer glass rinseris installed the right way. I recommend the ones from Micro Matic because they're a good quality rinser and they come with all the right parts to install. They also have a template of the rinser to follow for install.Once you have confirmed that your beer glass rinser is setup. The next step is to ensure the right amount of water pressure is getting the rinser.Most glass rinsers willrequire an in-line water regulator because the water pressure from a water source is usually too much. The Micro Matic In-line Water Pressure Regulator is a great way to reduce inlet water pressure to a safe level for use with all Glass Rinser Trays. The Pressure Regulator comes complete with a removable, cleanable inlet screen. The unit is pre-set from the factory at 15 PSI and uses standard plumbing connections. By using the Micro Matic In-line Water Pressure Regulator, you can be sure that your Glass Rinser Tray will work safely and efficiently. Another common issue with beer glass rinsers relates to beer residue building up on the glass rinsers, and them sticking. If the rinser isn't used for awhile and beer comes into contact there's a good chance it can get stuck. Similar to beer faucets getting stuck on a beer tower. To remedy this pour water on the rinser and this should loosen the rinser so it works. One final and the most common problem with rinsers is replacing the spring rinser. The spring snaps after a lot of use and causes the rinser to leak out of the top or spray. To fix this issue you'll need to replace the spring. To do this you will need a small crescent wrench and a straight edge screw driver. See the video below about replacing the rinser spring. Also, make sure your water is shut-off before doing this.

Tips for Installing Your Rinser 

If you are planning on installing a new beer glass rinser at your bar, there are a few key steps that you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure that you have the necessary plumbing connections. And pieces available at the location where you plan to install your beer glass rinser. Next, you will need to find the right location for your beer glass rinser. Most of the time they're located in a drip tray. But if you get one to place outside a drip tray or want to add one to some stainless in your bar. Make sure it's close to your water source.You will also need a few other items that will make your glass rinser work right. We mentioned the in-line water regulator earlier. Next you will need a shutt-off valve, a 3/8" Water connector. Last, it' s nice to have a John Guest 90 Degree connector You can get the whole kit here.

Picture of Glass Rinser Setup with Parts
Picture of Glass Rinser kit

Final Thoughts On Using a Beer Rinser and Where to Find One

When it comes to beer glass rinsers, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one thing, beer glass rinsers are designed for use with beer glasses or beer mugs. If you want to make sure that your beer glasses are prepped and ready for draft beer. A beer glass rinser is the best tool for the job. Additionally, beer glass rinsers can be found online or at Micro Matic. For the rinser kit click here. For the glass rinser click here So if you're looking for a simple way to ensure that your beer glasses are clean and fresh every time you pour a drink. Look no further than the beer glass rinser. With just a little effort, you can enjoy great tasting beer every time!

For more information about dispensing draft beer, systems and set-up click here for my blog post and other educational material.

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