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How often should beer lines be cleaned?

Beer lines should be cleaned every 2 weeks with a caustic solution according to the Brewers Association. By sticking to this routine breweries, restaurants and taphouses will reduce yeast, bacteria and mold which can harm the integrity of draft beer.

Are there other cleanings that are involved?

An acid clean should be done every quarter on top of a caustic clean. To target and get rid of beer stones in beer lines. Keg couplers should be cleaned every 2 weeks, as well as faucets. Beer FOB's, Pumps and Flojet reversal valves should also be cleaned quarterly.

What is the best method to clean my beer lines?

The best method hands down is using a recirculating pump to clean beer lines. Using a recirculating pump is 80% more effective than static line cleaning.

Why should I clean my beer lines?

Cleaning beer lines routinely will help a draft beer system pour efficiently and serve great tasting beer to customers. The way the brewer intended.

What If I don't clean my lines regularly?

Then your draft system won't pour well. It will be festering with yeast, bacteria, mold and beer stones. Beer is full of organic compounds and it's just a matter of time before other organisms like bacteria, yeast and mold will find their way into your system.

The best way to minimize those organisms is by cleaning your lines every 2 weeks. Neglected beer lines will develop a sour, buttery caramel taste that is left from these bad organisms. Don't serve moldy beer to customers.

How to get my beer lines cleaned properly

You can either do it yourself. Purchase the recirculating pump all the equipment and cleaning solution needed. Or you can hire a professional cleaning service like Renny's Tap Cleaning to take care of it for you. We make tap cleaning easy. Your customers will thank you and you'll sell more beer.

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Keeping a clean beer tap system is important. Regular cleaning transforms a dirty setup into a source of fresh and great-quality beer. Schedule you tap cleaning today.

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