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Best Sankey Keg Coupler For Draft Beer Systems In America

August 1, 2022
Best Sankey Keg Coupler For Draft Beer Systems In America

There are many different types of stainless steel keg couplers on the market, so it's important to choose the best sankey keg coupler that's compatible with your draft system to dispense beer.

Most commercial breweries and pubs use this keg coupler, which is also popular among homebrewers. This coupler feature a self-sealing valve that helps to prevent oxidation, ensuring that your beer stays fresh and flavorful. And is the best keg coupler out in the market currently. In this post, we are going to talk about the best keg coupler for draft beer systems in America. It's the Micromatic's Brewery Grade 304 Stainless Steel Keg Coupler. Discover why it's so good below. Enjoy.

Why this Keg Coupler?

Picture of an all stainless keg coupler

So there are a lot of different stainless steel couplers out in the market today. However, not all stainless steel couplers are good quality. First and foremost, we want to have an all-stainless steel keg coupler for american kegs. Preferable 304 stainless steel. Which includes stainless steel probe and all stainless steel parts that touch the product or beverage that is being dispensed by the d coupler. Whether it's beer, cider, wine, or other beverages. This is the beer industry standard d system keg coupler for bars. The benefit of this d coupler is you can use it with all beverage products including draft cocktails. It's the one keg coupler that can be used for anything. Credit to the brand Micromatic for making such a quality beer keg coupler.

Having all stainless steel parts that touch the product is extremely important keg coupler features. This d coupler will also last a very long time if it's properly taken care with regular draft line cleans. I'm talking 10 or so years. Replacing the beer gaskets when needed and perhaps the Thomas valve. This is located just below the gas line and hose clamp on the d system coupler. These are the only small things that may need to be changed over time but are low price items under 8 dollars.

As opposed to chrome plated couplers these will eventually will chip and brass will be exposed to the product causing off tastes and bacteria and yeast to infiltrate this porous material causing huge sanitary problems for the user and dispensing issues. Which can result in higher pour costs for the customers. Which is less beer flowing and low beer flow.

How to Use This Beer Keg Coupler

These couplers come with air-line fittings attached to the end of the coupler. The coupler will be missing a beer nut, a beer washer, and hose fitting that would feed into a liquid line. These hose fittings can be 3/8 ID quarter inch 5/16 or 3/16. It really just depends on the line that you will be using for your draft system. Whether it's a kegerator, air cooled direct draw or long draw beer system.

Once the right hose fitting is selected for the top of the coupler you will then put the hose fitting inside the beer hex nut add the beer washer and tighten down accordingly. Then hook up the rightful beer line to the coupler once the airline and product line are hooked up correctly we can now use the coupler on each side of the coupler there are two notches that match up with the notches on the keg valves. What you want to do is line these up. Turn the keg coupler clockwise until it stops turning. Then you wanna pull back on the lever and push down until you hear a click and the handle stays in the lower position.

If you ever try to tap a keg with the wrong coupler. You'll know it's the wrong style because you will go to a tap but no beer will be flowing in the beer line. Typically this is usually done with Sankey d and Sankey S couplers being mixed up accidentally.

No worries, because if you are a commercial retailer that sells beer. You can usually have your distributor who supplies the keg drop off the right coupler to bars.

Picture and Parts of a d system coupler

Parts of a D-system coupler

Parts of the Sankey Keg Coupler

Stainless Steel Probe

The probe is a key part of the coupler. It is important that this is made of stainless steel so that it does not corrode over time and contaminate the product.

Gas In & Beer Out Ports

These two ports are how the coupler is able to function. The beer out port is where the beer will flow from and the gas in port is where CO2 or Nitrogen will be injected in order to dispense the beer.

Check Valve or Thomas Valve

The check valve or Thomas valve is a small but important part of the keg coupler. This valve helps keep the product from flowing back into the keg and keeps the pressure in the keg consistent. If this valve starts to leak, it can cause problems with dispensing beer and can lead to off-flavors in the product.

Lever Handle

The lever handle is used in order to open and close the keg coupler. When closed, it will create a seal so that no beer can escape. When opened, it allows beer to flow through.

Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is located on the side of the keg coupler and is used to release the pressure that may have built up inside the keg. If you ever need to release the head pressure and reset the secondary regulator. The relief valve allows you to do this.

Micromatic Brewery Grade Coupler

Where to Get This Keg Coupler

You can purchase this keg coupler directly from the manufacturer Micromatic here.

A little bit about Micromatic is that they sell the best draft beer dispensing equipment in the country I believe. I've been using their equipment for over a decade in commercial installs all across the country and can vouch for their products and I enjoy this D sankey Keg coupler made by Micromatic.

Whether using it on a kegerator, or using it in a bar or pub or whether you're using it on a casino. This product will last a very long time if taken care of properly with cleans routinely and should last you over a decade while just replacing small parts like the beer gasket and Thomas valve inside the gas line.

Other than that I guarantee you'll be glad for getting these couplers for your beer system if you are in a need of some.

Again here is the link if you are interested in the best D keg coupler in America. Cheers!!

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