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The Lazy Beer Technicians on How to Pour a Beer

September 26, 2020
The Lazy Beer Technicians on How to Pour a Beer

Did you know that the way a beer is poured affects the way it smells and tastes? If not, chances are you are that you haven't been pouring beer correctly. But today is the day that all changes! With the guide below you will learn how to pour a beer perfectly every time. Keep reading and get ready to try it out for yourself.

Pouring From a Tap

To pour the perfect beer from a tap, start with a clean glass. Rinse out the glass to avoid contamination, rinse the glass of impurities and get the proper head of a beer.

Next, position the glass at forty-five degrees and fill it about halfway. Then adjust to a 90-degree angle (glass standing up) and stop pouring right before the liquid reaches the top of the glass.

There should be about half an inch of head at the top.

Finally, let the beer settle. This allows the carbonation to build up and create the perfect head atop the beer. A great pour from a tap also depends on a proper beer faucet and other sanitized equipment.

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Picture of a bartender how to pour a beer

Pouring From a Bottle

Bottled beer is easy to travel with and has a shelf life of up to 3 months. Pouring a bottle of beer is similar to a tap, with a few exceptions.

Always start with a clean glass - this cannot be overstated. Next, position the glass at 45 degrees and pour slowly. As eager as you may be for your first sip, take your time when pouring to keep the carbonation.

Once the glass is half full, adjust to 90 degrees and finish pouring. Finally, let the beer settle.

Remember that learning how to properly pour a beer also depends on using the correct glassware for the type of beer you're drinking.

Check out a quick guide on glassware here.

Pouring a Nitro Brew

Wondering how to pour a nitro brew?

It's a little different from your average pour process, but if you follow the steps you should be just fine.

First, clean your glass and place directly under the tap. Let go of the glass while you fill it up about two-thirds full.

Leave the glass for a few seconds. You'll notice small bubbles fall from the top of the glass to the bottom.

Finally, pour the rest of the way leaving about a half-inch for the head of the beer. Let it settle, and enjoy!

Pouring From a Can

Pouring beer from a can is the same as pouring from a bottle. Pour slowly and use the 45-degree to 90-degree angle technique for the perfect pour.

If the beer from the can is foaming more than usual it could be that the can was shaken too much before pouring. Leave extra time for it to settle before drinking.

How To Pour a Beer: Class Graduation 

Congratulations! You made it through how to pour a beer 101.

You now have the knowledge and skills to pour a perfect beer from a tap, bottle, can, and nitro dispenser. All there is left to do is practice, practice, practice - responsibly of course. 

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