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Keep Your Beer Faucet in Tip-Top Shape With These 4 Tips

July 23, 2020
Keep Your Beer Faucet in Tip-Top Shape With These 4 Tips

Everyone loves beer and those who love it can tell when something is not right with their beer. Having a dirty, unmaintained beer faucet can cause changes in the flavor of beer and have it pour wrong. Plus, it's not a fun experience...

Maintaining beer faucets are a part of running a business and providing quality experience for customers. Here are three easy ways to keep your beer faucet in great shape.

4 Ways to Maintain a Beer Faucet

A gunky beer faucet can bring on a lot of consequences for staff and customers. Maintaining it has never been easier with these tips and tricks! 

1. Use a Stainless Steel Beer Faucet

Standard Beer Faucet

That's right, use a stainless steel beer faucet. This will not only ensure the longevity of the beer faucet because it's quality material. You're not going to have to worry about chrome flakes flying off your beer tap when you serve draft beer to your customers. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that chrome plated faucets don't last that long and are typically made out of brass which can give beer an off taste. WIth all the commercial properties I've installed beer systems in. We only install stainless steel faucets.

It's better for the owner, and better for the customer.

2. Keep Up With Cleaning Schedule


Picture of Hand Pump

Hand pump Cleaning kit with beer line cleaner

Bacteria can form on the faucets at any time and through anything, faucet comes into contact with, objects or people.

Beer faucets should be cleaned every two weeks to ensure that the faucet has not been contaminated with mold or bacteria. Mold and bacteria are dangerous to those who will consume the beer, and mold and bacteria change the quality of the beer so it won't go unnoticed. 

"Beer stones" which is calcium buildup in beer lines, in severe cases will show and customers will not be happy about it!

3. Clean Your Beer Faucet and Beer Lines

Having a faucet that dispenses different types of beer can cause the faucet to clog up. Cleaning the beer lines will ensure that the cleaning schedule for both in sync, making sure both parts are dispensing the best quality of beer. 

Picture of dirty beer lines vs clean ones

To clean your beer tap, take it apart from the dispenser, grab a faucet cleaning brush, a bowl, and some cleaning solution. Mix hot water and the cleaning solution and let your faucet soak in it for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. 

Take the faucet out of the bowl after the desired time and scrub it with the faucet brush to remove any remaining dirt particles. 

To clean your draft lines, there are three recommended methods to do so. Essentially, it is running a cleaning solution through the lines, flushing the solution out of the system and allowing new beer to flow through. 

4. Pay Attention to Your Kegerator

picture of a Kegerator

Standard 1 Brand Kegerator.

Use your kegerator the way it supposed to be used! That means making sure it is set to the correct temperature 38 degrees, and that the PSI is also set to the right range depending on what beer you are dispensing.

Check out this Ultimate Guide on Draft Beer Fundamentals for more information

Make sure to keep your beer fresh, finishing each keg within 30-45 days of opening it. 

Keep up with cleaning your kegerator as well. Here are some of the best cleaning kits

Check on Your Beer Faucet

Following these four easy tips to maintain and clean your beer faucet will lower the chances of poor quality beer coming out of the beer tap. As a business owner, making sure that beer faucets are clean is essential, and following these tips will help in the long run. 

By using a stainless beer tap, keeping up with your maintenance schedule, cleaning your beer lines efficiently, and following the correct procedure of using your kegerator or commercial draft system. Your beer faucet will remain in tip-top shape, allowing great flavors of beer to pour. 

Check out our blog for more draft beer dispensing information! For the best beer faucets recommended by a draft beer professional click on the link.

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