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Perlick Beer System: Elevating Your Home Bar Experience

February 10, 2024
Perlick Beer System: Elevating Your Home Bar Experience

Perlick Corporation is synonymous with quality in the realm of beer dispensing systems, with over a century of expertise in the industry. Recognized for its innovative approach, Perlick has honed the art of combining craftsmanship with technology to deliver advanced beer dispensing solutions. Perlick’s systems are designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of their clients, ensuring that the perfect pour is achieved every time.

Approaching each project with a dedication to innovation and quality, Perlick has developed a range of beer systems that cater to an array of dispensing preferences. From the intricately engineered Century System to custom solutions for craft beer bars, Perlick offers options that emphasize temperature control, flow consistency, and ease of use. The company's beer systems reflect a commitment to functionality and design that not only enhances user experience but also adds value to any business by optimizing beverage profits and efficiency.

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Key Takeaways

  • Perlick is an established leader in the beer system industry, embodying innovation and craftsmanship.
  • The company offers a variety of beer dispensing systems, including custom and turnkey solutions.
  • Perlick's commitment to quality and functionality positions its systems as valuable assets for businesses.

History and Legacy of Perlick

Perlick has been synonymous with quality in the brewery equipment sector for over a century, enabling significant advances in beverage dispensing with its wide selection of innovative solutions and accessories.

Perlick's Impact on The Brewing Industry

The brewing industry has seen Perlick rise as a pivotal figure, with the company's roots extending deeply into the beer capital of the United States: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since its foundation in 1917, Perlick has navigated through Prohibition and the Great Depression, contributing indisputably to Milwaukee's thriving beer industry. As bars proliferated with the repeal of Prohibition, Perlick's dispensing products met the increasing demand for efficiently served beer.

The impact of Perlick has spanned five generations, making it a family business with a long-standing legacy in the manufacturing of brewing equipment. It's a name that has been carried with pride and commitment into the next century and beyond, a testament to enduring quality and resilience in a dynamic industry.

Perlick's Beer System Technology

Perlick Corporation has a rich history of innovation in the technology of beer dispensing systems. They focus on delivering cold beer efficiently and effectively from keg to tap with their advanced system designs.

The Perlick Century Beer System

Perlick's Century Remote Beverage Systems is a testament to the company's dedication to excellence in draft beer technology. First introduced in 1962 and capable of transporting beer over 100 feet, today's systems are engineered to handle much longer distances with ease. This system is particularly renowned for its ability to maintain the optimal temperature and quality of beer over several hundred feet from the keg to the tap.

Century Beer System
Perlick Glycol Chiller

Custom Engineer Solutions

Perlick excels in custom engineering solutions for beer dispensing. Recognizing that each venue has unique needs, Perlick offers customized trunk housing and builds its systems from durable materials like stainless steel. Their engineering approach ensures that each beverage dispensing system they choose to install is tailored to the specific requirements of the establishment, ensuring both aesthetic integration and optimal functionality.

Components and Build Quality

Perlick Corporation's beer systems are distinguished by their exceptional components and build quality, incorporating stainless steel and patented technology that ensures consistent performance and durability in commercial applications.

Stainless Steel Products

Perlick's commitment to quality is reflected in stainless steel products and parts that are the foundation of its beer system offerings. These products are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, making them a hygienic option for beer dispensing. Craftsmanship is evident in every weld and finish, promising longevity even under the demanding conditions of a busy commercial environment.

Patented Draft Beer Components

The company's patented draft beer components, including unique faucets and the Draught Guard system, are engineered for precision and reliability. They have designed beer lines that maintain critical temperature from keg to glass, ensuring optimal delivery of craft beer. Moreover, the fine-tuned balance of the system components reduces foam and preserves the intended flavor of the beer.

Perlick Flow Control Faucet

Design and Functionality

When designing a beer dispensing tower system, two critical aspects that significantly impact the tower and overall performance are the tower design, which includes temperature control, and the pressure systems that ensure beer quality.

Tower Design and Temperature Control

The tower design is pivotal in a Perlick beer system, ensuring that beer is delivered at the right temperature. Perlick's systems feature meticulously engineered towers that maintain the optimal temperature from keg to tap. Temperature consistency is achieved through advanced refrigeration technology and trunk housing that insulates the beer lines, mitigating any temperature fluctuations that could affect the beer's taste and integrity.

Perlick Custom Drart Tower

Pressure Systems and Beer Quality

The pressure applied in beer dispensing systems is integral to preserving beer quality. Perlick's beer dispensing systems include precise pressure controls to provide a perfect pour with the right level of carbonation. Both too much and too little pressure can compromise the beer's flavor and presentation. The correct amount of pressure applied ensures the beer remains fresh, frothy, and palatable for every pour.

Commercial Installations

When outfitting either a professional venue or upgrading a home bar, choosing the right beer dispensing system option to install is crucial. Perlick Corporation stands at the forefront, offering advanced solutions for both commercial bar settings and premium residential refrigeration needs.

Commercial Bar and Beverage Systems

In the realm of commercial draft beer systems, operators expect performance and reliability. Perlick's commercial beer tap system brings efficiency and quality to the forefront. Each system is designed to maintain the optimal temperature from keg to faucet, ensuring the perfect pour every time. Establishments may customize their setup to include air-cooled systems, which transport already-cold air from the beer cooler to the taps, conserving energy and reducing costs Craft Beer Dispensing Systems - Perlick Corporation.

Perlick Custom Beer Tower

Installation manuals, replete with detailed diagrams, provide clear guidelines for ensuring systems operate at peak efficiency and adhere to Perlick’s standards of quality and craftsmanship. This attention to detail in installation guarantees that the commercial beer systems operate smoothly and maintain beverage quality Installation Operation / Service Manuals - Perlick Corporation.

Profitability and Business Value

Investing in an efficient beer system can significantly impact a business's bottom line. A well-designed system, like the Perlick Beer System, can both boost profitability and enhance the value of the operation through optimized dispensing and operational efficiency.

Maximizing Dispensing Profits

Operators of bars and restaurants know that controlling and reducing waste is essential to maintaining high dispensing profits. An advanced beer system such as a Perlick Beer System is engineered to minimize waste, with features such as an exclusive empty keg sensor that prevents loss when changing kegs. By ensuring that each ounce of beer is accurately accounted for and efficiently poured, these systems help businesses maximize their profitability on beer sales.

The Economics of Beer Systems in Hospitality

When analyzing the economics of a beer system for a hospitality business, it is crucial to consider both the initial investment and the ongoing operational costs. A high-quality installation can lead to more stable long-term performance, reducing maintenance costs and preserving the quality of the beer served. Consequently, operators view a top-notch beer system as a valuable asset for both its reliability and its ability to provide a consistent, premium experience for customers.

Modern Challenges and Adaptations

Adapting to New Beverage Trends

The rise of canned cocktails and ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails has reshaped consumer expectations. In response, Perlick’s Craft Beer Dispensing Systems have evolved to accommodate not only beer but also these novel RTD options, ensuring they meet the versatility required by today’s market. This shift allows for a wider range of beverages to be served with efficiency, meeting the changing tastes of consumers who seek variety alongside traditional draught beer.

Overcoming the Staffing Crisis in Hospitality

Hospitality venues, many of which are family-owned businesses, have been particularly hard hit by the staffing shortages exacerbated by the pandemic. To address the staffing crisis, Perlick’s beverage systems are designed to be user-friendly, thereby reducing the need for specialized training and allowing staff to operate the systems with ease. Their innovative partnership that integrates the Draught Guard system into their units is a direct reactionary measure to streamline maintenance, sanitization, and operational processes, helping alleviate staff burdens with automated cleaning solutions.

Expert Perspectives and Consultations

When exploring Perlick's beer systems, it is essential to consider expert perspectives and the value of professional design consultations. These insights ensure that your bar operates efficiently while maintaining the quality of beer served.

Insights from Industry Professionals

Industry professionals like Dena Miner-Towle and Leigh Fox offer valuable insights into the functioning and benefits of integrated beer systems. Their expertise is instrumental in understanding how advanced features, such as Perlick's Exclusive Empty Keg Sensor, can prevent waste and reduce running costs. Professionals from companies such as TriMark and SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting have extensively worked on large venue bar design, where the cooling and delivery of beverages are critical to operations.


Perlick Corporation stands as a reputable provider of beer dispensing systems, well-recognized for their durability and performance. Their direct draw dispensers are engineered to function smoothly in high-demand environments such as busy bars and venues. These systems are noted for their reinforced construction, including heavy-duty doorsills and 2" foamed-in-place walls, ensuring both solidity and longevity.

Perlick also offers a number of custom beer bar solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements and visions of their clients. These solutions range from custom-built towers to an array of back bar refrigeration and underbar designs, aimed at creating a unique customer experience.

Finally, recognizing the significance of aesthetics in bar design, Perlick's beer towers are custom-crafted to contribute to an unforgettable guest experience, illustrating the company's dedication to both quality and design innovation in beverage dispensing.

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