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Walk-In Cooler Benefits For Draft Beer Dispensing

January 30, 2022
Walk-In Cooler Benefits For Draft Beer Dispensing

The benefits of beer walk-in coolers are countless. This type of cooler is usually found in bars, restaurants, and other establishments that sell draft beer. Walk-in beer coolers are typically used to store large amounts of beer for consumption by customers, and are a staple in bars and restaurants across America.

For the bar owner, beer walk-in coolers offer convenience and ease of mind. The benefits of beer walk-in coolers are numerous. If you own a bar, restaurant, or another business where cold beer is sold and/or consumed on the premises these coolers would be perfect for your establishment.

Benefits of Beer Walk-In Coolers

1. Walk-In Coolers Are Easy to Assemble:

The average person can assemble a walk-in cooler in a short amount of time without previous knowledge of this sort of assembly. They come directly from the manufacturer where panels are pre-made, and usually have an install pamphlet telling you what panels go where. The average customer only requires a wrench to put their beer walk-in together. Beer walk-ins require no technical expertise or special tools you wouldn't already have.

2. They Provide Outstanding Temperature Control:

The standard insulation of beer walk in coolers is between 4-6 inches thick which is extremely effective at preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring your beer stays pure, fresh, and delicious for consumption.

3. They Are Easy To Clean:

Beer walk-in coolers are extremely easy to clean because they have smooth, flat surfaces free of awkward crevices unlikely to ever need cleaning. You can use a dry cloth, towel, or mop to wipe away debris and dust while the door is open. Once closed you should clean the exterior of the door with a wet cloth. Floors are easy to clean when beer has fallen onto the floor from tapping kegs.

4. Walk-In Coolers Are Easy To Use:

When it comes time to open your beer walk-in all you must do is push down on the handle, and the door will open automatically where you may then access anything you need. Closing the door is just as easy, simply press up on the handle and it will shut itself until you are ready to open it again. Beer walk-ins are effortless to use, even for children.

5. They Offer Ample Storage Space:

Walk-in beer coolers provide enough space for storing countless kegs and cases of beer. These coolers also provide the right amount of space for storing things like glasses and bar supplies, condiments, and other items you'd like to keep separate from the kegs and bottles of alcohol.

6. They Can Dispense Cold Beer:

Some walk-in coolers are equipped with Direct Draw Beer System which dispenses cold beer. This is the perfect option for bars, pubs, taverns, and other establishments where patrons are expected to consume their beverages on the premises. This type of beer system is the simplest and most cost effective draft beer dispensing system on the market.

7. They Easily Fit in Most Establishments and Can Be Custom Made to Fit Your Needs:

Beer walk-in coolers can be built to fit your establishment's precise specifications. Custom designs and layouts available upon request. You can design the perfect beer walk-in cooler for your establishment.

8.Walk-In Coolers Are Easy to Service:

Beer walk-in coolers are equipped with removable shelves allowing them to be easily serviced by the manufacturer or a local technician. These units come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and service technicians ensure that your unit is always running at peak efficiency.

9.Lockable Doors:

Beer walk-in coolers are equipped with lockable doors allowing them to be easily secured by the establishment's employees. This prevents theft or abuse of product by individuals without proper access credentials, e.g.: underage persons.


There are many benefits to owning a beer walk-in cooler system for your business. They're easy to assemble, provide outstanding temperature control, are easy to clean, they're easy to use, offer ample storage space (if you need them), can dispense cold beer (if you want them to), easily fit in most establishments, and can be custom made to fit your needs. These walk-in coolers also offer lockable doors for security purposes. These types of beer walk-in coolers are a great choice for a bar or restaurant owner who's looking to serve draft beer in their establishment. 

For more information on draft beer dispensing equipment and systems visit my blog. For other questions reach out to me here. Lastly, if you would like some more information on Walk-In Coolers click here.

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