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4 Tap Beer Tower Essentials: Choosing the Best Model for Your Bar

May 8, 2024
4 Tap Beer Tower Essentials: Choosing the Best Model for Your Bar

A four-tap beer tower is a magnificent addition to any draft beer system, whether situated in a bustling commercial bar or among the appliances of a homebrew enthusiast. It offers the ability to serve a variety of beers concurrently, making it a popular choice for establishments and individuals looking to provide multiple selections on tap. These towers are not just functional pieces of draft beer and dispensing hardware; they also serve as a centerpiece for the bar, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and showcasing the variety of available brews.

Crafted with care, a four-tap beer tower is designed to keep beer at the optimal temperature from keg to glass, ensuring a perfect pour every time. For those interested in acquiring one, it is important to understand the different materials, finishes, and technological features available.

Knowledge about cooling technologies integrated into these towers can make a significant difference in the quality of beer served. Additionally, proper installation and setup are paramount to maintaining the integrity of the beer’s flavor and carbonation level.

4 Brand Tap Tower

Key Takeaways

  • Serving multiple beers simultaneously, four tap beer towers are suited for both commercial and personal use.
  • The design integrates cooling technologies ensuring the beer remains at ideal serving temperatures.
  • Knowledge of installation, maintenance, and where to buy is essential for optimal operation and selection.

Design and Specifications of 4 Tap Beer Towers

The design and specifications of 4 tap beer towers facilitate the service of multiple draft beers simultaneously, while also serving as a visual centerpiece that attracts patrons. 4 tap beer towers often come with essential components for installation, including mounting gaskets, to ensure a secure and stable setup.

Set up of 2 4 Brand Glycol Towers

Materials and Finishes

The majority of 4 tap beer towers are constructed from durable materials like 304 stainless steel to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion.

For a sleek appearance, they often feature a polished chrome finish, though options such as brushed or polished stainless steel, and brass are available to match different decors and preferences. The choice of material not only influences the tower's look but also its sanitary properties and ease of maintenance.

Tower Dimensions

Standard 4" tap handles for beer towers typically have a 3" diameter column, providing a balanced aesthetic and functional design suitable for most bar setups. Some do come with 4" columns.

This size is adequate in order to accommodate the necessary beer lines while remaining compact. The height of the towers can vary to accommodate different pouring heights, ensuring a proper fit under the draft faucets for glasses and pitchers.

Tower Options

When choosing a 4-tap beer tower, one can select between air-cooled or glycol-cooled systems, depending on price and their bar’s needs.

Air Cooled 4 Brand Box Tower

Additional options may include customization of the number of taps, types of faucets included, and the presence of LED lighting for enhanced ambiance.

Each beer tower is generally equipped with high-quality stainless steel faucets to guarantee a consistent pour and ease of cleaning. Moreover, customization based on the setup requirements, such as the inclusion of a 90-degree angle in the column for corner installations, is possible.

Installation and Setup

When installing a 4-tap beer tower, precision in mounting and connecting draft systems is crucial for seamless operation and to prevent leaks or service issues.

Mounting the Tower

Mounting a 4-tap beer tower involves securing it onto the bar or kegerator using proper mounting hardware.

The tower should be positioned where the 11" faucet height can comfortably accommodate glasses and pitchers underneath.

It typically includes positioning the tower so the column is level and stable, using a gasket for a watertight seal between the tower and the bar surface, and ensuring all bolts and screws are tightly fastened.

Connecting Draft Systems

Once mounted, the 4-tap tower needs to be connected to the kegerator or beer dispenser.

An air-cooled design requires tubes to run from the tower's base to the refrigeration unit, maintaining the optimal temperature from keg to tap.

Shanks and faucets connect to the beer lines, making sure to utilize the right washers and to check for any leaks.

Proper connection is paramount to ensure that each pour from the taps is consistent and of high quality.

Cooling Technologies

When selecting a 4-tap beer tower, the method of cooling is crucial to maintain the optimal serving temperature of the beer.

Two prevalent cooling technologies exist: glycol-cooled systems and air-cooled systems. Each method has its own set of components and efficiency levels suitable for different bar layouts and distances from keg to faucet.

Glycol Cooled Systems

Glycol-cooled systems feature a mixture of water and propylene glycol that assists in maintaining the desired low temperatures through a network of hoses.

This mixture circulates continuously from the cooling unit to the beer tower, effectively cooling the beer lines.

They are especially efficient for longer draw distances between the keg and tap, preventing any increase in beer's temperature.

  • Key components:
    • Propylene Glycol: A food-grade antifreeze.
    • Cooling Unit: Refrigerates the glycol mix.
    • Hoses: Insulated lines that carry the chilled glycol.

Air-Cooled Systems

In contrast, air-cooled systems employ forced air to maintain the beer lines' temperature.

An air-cooled system typically uses an insulated duct that guides cold air from the cooler to the tap tower, surrounding the beer lines to keep them chilled.

These systems tend to be simpler and more cost-effective for shorter runs where the beer tower is closer to the keg.

  • Key components:
    • Forced Air: Moved by a blower to cool the lines.
    • Insulated Duct: Guides the cool air around the beer lines.

Both methods effectively serve the purpose of delivering cold beer, although glycol cooling is often preferred for its reliability over longer distances, which is vital for bars with spacious layout. Air-cooled towers are advantageous in more contained spaces, where simplicity and economy are priorities.

Where to Buy 4 Tap Towers

Purchasing a 4 tap beer tower allows enthusiasts and bar owners to serve multiple beers simultaneously. This section lists reviews from several reputable suppliers known for their quality and service in the beer dispensing industry.


Micromatic offers a range of 4 tap towers that are durable and stylish.

They provide options in various finishes, including stainless steel, that cater to different aesthetics and functionality needs.

Micro Matic


For those who prioritize innovative design, UBC is notable.

They produce 4 tap towers with advanced cooling technology to ensure the beer is dispensed at the ideal temperature.


Perlick is a respected name in the industry, synonymous with craftsmanship and quality.

Their 4 tap beer towers are highly regarded for reliability and feature a distinctive design that can elevate the look of any bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, the reader can find easy, concise, authoritative answers to common inquiries regarding a 4-tap beer tower, which is a pivotal component of any robust draft system.


Are the materials used in 4-tap beer towers safe and compliant with health regulations?

Yes, all materials used in the construction of our 4 tap beer towers are rigorously tested and comply with the most stringent health regulations, including those mandated by the State of California. This ensures that our products do not contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, safeguarding the health and safety of our customers.

What are the top features to look for in a 4-tap beer tower?

A 4-tap beer tower should ideally have durable construction materials like stainless steel or brass, individual shank assemblies for each tap to ensure separate beer lines and compatibility with various keg types to dispense multiple beer styles.

How does a 4-tap beer tower maintain optimal beer temperature?

To maintain an optimal beer temperature, a 4-tap beer tower often incorporates a glycol recirculation loop or an air-cooled system to keep the beer lines chilled from the keg to the tap, ensuring each pour is at the ideal temperature for consumption.

What is the average capacity range for a 4-tap beer tower?

The capacity of a 4-tap beer tower varies depending on the system’s design, but they are built to support busy commercial environments. Most towers accommodate a substantial flow of beer, typically consistent with the kegs’ volume, allowing for efficient serving during peak demand.

How to properly clean and maintain a 4-tap beer tower?

Proper cleaning involves dismantling the taps and soaking them in a chemical water mix. After that, use a specialized cleaning solution and brush to scrub the interior of the beer faucets. Recirculate the chemical mix through the tower for best results This ensures sanitation and the quality of the beer poured. Regular maintenance is recommended for optimal performance and longevity.

What are the installation requirements for a 4-tap beer tower?

Installation requires a compatible mounting surface, access to a properly installed draught beer system, and CO2 and nitrogen tanks if necessary. You also need sufficient space for the tower and its under-counter components. Ensuring proper insulation and refrigeration for the beer system air and lines is critical.

Can a 4-tap beer tower be used for both commercial and home use?

Absolutely, a 4-tap draft beer tower is versatile and can be utilized in both commercial settings, such as bars and restaurants, as well as home bars for enthusiasts looking to serve a variety of draft beers to guests. The system size and design can be selected to fit the specific needs and scale of the establishment or home setting.


A 4 tap beer tower is an efficient and attractive solution for serving multiple beer options. It typically caters to establishments that wish to offer a variety but have limited space.

The design ensures ease of use. Depending on the style, it can be a significant aesthetic addition to any bar setting.

The choice of a beer tower must consider both functionality and the environment it will complement. With options available in materials like stainless steel or brass, and designs ranging from minimalist to elaborate, they can be customized to fit the visual identity of any venue.

It's not just about the number of taps. An operator should also consider the ease of maintenance, the required flow rate, and compatibility with existing draft systems.

When selecting a beer tower, here are essential points to consider:

  • Capacity: Ensures the establishment can handle the demand.
  • Quality of Materials: Affects longevity and taste quality.
  • Style: This should align with the establishment's ambiance.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Impacts flavor and health standards.

In conclusion, the 4-tap beer tower strikes a balance between variety and space efficiency. It's a true testament to the care that goes into creating a notable beer-drinking experience.

Whether updating an existing setup or creating a new one, a 4 tap tower will serve patrons well and be a central piece of any draft beer system.

Learn more about customizing and installing draft beer towers to enhance your business with Renny's Draft Solutions.

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