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Effortless Guide to Installing Draft Beer System: Enhance Your Bar Experience

March 17, 2024
Effortless Guide to Installing Draft Beer System: Enhance Your Bar Experience

Setting up a draft beer system in your establishment? Get to the heart of installing a draft beer system with this no-nonsense guide. Whether you’re weighing cost considerations, deciding on the appropriate system or preparing for maintenance, we’ve got you covered. This article is your resource for detailed, actionable advice on the entire installation process, ensuring you pour that first pint with confidence. Step into the world of draft beer with us.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right draft beer system requires considering factors like bar space, anticipated demand, types of beverages offered, and budget, ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.
  • Installation process involves meticulous planning, careful assembly of the system and other components, and attention to detail in safety and regulatory compliance, with skilled installers being critical for successful setup.
  • Ongoing maintenance is essential for the performance and longevity of your draft beer system, requiring routine cleaning, regular inspections, and troubleshooting common issues to preserve beer quality and flavor.

Deciding on the Perfect Draft Beer System for Your Venue

Glycol Cooled Draft Beer System

Selecting the ideal draft beer system is akin to crafting a master brew—it requires a blend of knowledge, foresight, and attention to detail. With options like direct draw, air-cooled, and glycol-cooled draft beer systems, the decision hinges on your unique bar’s characteristics and aspirations. Whether you’re nestled in a cozy nook just steps away from your patrons or boasting a sprawling venue with taps at every turn, there’s a beer system designed for your specific serving needs.

The primary goal of any draft beer system is a swift journey from keg to faucet without compromising the beer’s integrity. This voyage is influenced by:

Draft Beer Set Up
  • Setup style
  • Distance
  • Beer variety
  • Budget

All while ensuring the golden liquid is served at its absolute best. Now, let’s drill down into the specifics that will help chart your course to the perfect draft beer system.

Evaluating Space and Customer Demand

Your bar’s physical layout and anticipated foot traffic are the compass and speedometer for your draft beer system journey. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Limited spaces may nudge you toward a compact direct draw system.
  • A more expansive setting could accommodate the sophistication of a glycol-cooled setup
  • The expected ebb and flow of thirsty patrons also play a pivotal role in determining the system’s capacity and efficiency
  • A Friday night rush demands a workhorse of a system, one that can keep up with the high demand and maintain customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the variety of beers you wish to offer casts a significant influence on the size and configuration of your draft beer system in bars. A wide selection of taps requires more space and consideration of customer preferences. It’s a balancing act between space, demand, and diversity—a trio that will define the experience you provide.

Balancing Budget with Quality

The financial aspect of installing a draft beer system can range from a modest investment to a more substantial outlay. It’s crucial to find equilibrium between the upfront costs and the ongoing expenses that ensure continued quality and customer satisfaction. For those on a shoestring budget, air-cooled and direct draw draft systems present cost-effective gateways into the world of draft beer.

It’s not just about the initial sticker price; it’s about the long-term value your system brings to your establishment. Crafting a system features a budget that balances initial costs with the promise of future returns is as important as choosing the right hops for a batch of craft beer.

Custom Draft Ber Tower

Diversity in Beverage Options

In today’s vibrant bar scene, diversity does not stop at craft beer. A custom draft beer system for other beverages, such as a commercial beer tap system, can become the beating heart of your beverage service, pumping out everything from:

  • wine
  • coffee
  • kegged cocktails
  • IPA taps
  • non-alcoholic kombucha
Dispensing system for Draft Wine, Kegged Cocktails and Wine. Direct Draw System

The ability to serve a wide array of beverages is not just about meeting customer demands—it’s a statement about your brand’s versatility and commitment to quality.

Whether it’s keeping the wine at just the right temperature or ensuring that the coffee on tap is as fresh as the morning brew, your draft beer system is the cornerstone of an exceptional beverage service. It’s about creating an experience that resonates with every guest, one pour at a time, with the help of a reliable beverage system.

The Installation Journey: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a Custom Draft Beer System

Embarking on the installation of your new draft beer system is an adventure filled with anticipation. It’s a process that requires meticulous planning, a keen understanding of your establishment’s needs, and a clear vision of the beer paradise you’re about to create. With the help of skilled draft beer system installers, every component, from the cool confines of the walk-in cooler to the gleaming tap tower, plays a pivotal role in delivering that perfect pint.

The journey unfolds with a series of steps, each one bringing you closer to the day you’ll begin pouring beer with pride and precision. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and delve into the nitty-gritty of assembling your draft beer system. With the right guidance, this daunting task becomes an exhilarating leap toward becoming a beloved destination for beer aficionados.

Preparing Your Bar for the Big Change

Before the transformation begins, your bar area requires some tender loving care. This prep work is about more than just making room for the new system; it’s about ensuring that every electrical outlet and plumbing connection is primed and ready for action. Reimagining your space to accommodate the draft system adds to the excitement, as you visualize where patrons will gather to witness the art of the pour.

If you are using a Remote or Glycol System. It's important to have the right size outlet for your glycol chiller. Consult with your Draft Beer Professional on the right size needed for your system. You might also need an outlet if you are using a nitrogen separator in your system too. Secondly,  if your drip tray is going to have glass rinsers. You're going to need a water source close by. A plumber can help attach the water source to your rinser.

Gathering the necessary tools and dispensing systems and ensuring compliance with safety and health regulations will pave a smooth path for the installation. It’s not just about creating a space for the equipment—it’s about crafting an environment where the draft beer system enhances the overall vibe of your bar.

Assembling the System Components

With your bar prepped, focus shifts to the beating heart of your draft beer system—the cooling method. Whether you’ve chosen a direct draw system for its simplicity or a glycol cooled system for its long draw capabilities, the goal remains the same: to maintain the perfect temperature for every pint. Ensuring a leak-free flow of beer from keg to tap, your system’s CO2 and nitrogen mix pressurizes kegs and propels the beer through lines with the precision of a symphony conductor.

The cooler or kegerator becomes a hub of activity as regulators, lines, and couplers are fitted together like pieces of a puzzle. Whether you’re installing a draft tower atop a keezer or integrating taps into a wooden collar, the assembly process is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship that defines the world of draft beer.

The walk-in cooler needs to be set at 38 degrees and large enough to accommodate the beers being poured as well as some back ups.

Mounting Dispensing Equipment

This will include some or all the equipment below for a draft beer system. All this will be included in a Glycol Cooled Beer System.

  1. Stainless Steel Keg Coupler
  2. Beer Line or Jumper Line (XFM)
  3. Red Air-Line to connect to the Secondary Regulators
  4. Secondary Regulators
  5. FOB's on Remote Draft Beer Systems
  6. Stainless Fittings; Oetikers, Splicers
  7. Primary Regulator CO2 or Nitrogen
  8. Keg Racks or Keg Stackers
  9. Glycol and Glycol Chiller
  10. Gas Blender or Nitrogen Separator
  11. Draft Beer Tower
  12. Drip Trays With Rinsers

Again, this will all depend on the type of draft system you choose to install. One more thing all the draft equipment that gets set-up should be stainless steel. This means the couplers, shanks, the faucets. Anything, that touches product needs to be stainless steel.

Bringing the System to Life

Connecting the gas line and adjusting the regulator to the sweet spot for carbonation sets the stage for that first, flawless pour. But before the celebrations can begin, a meticulous leak test is performed, ensuring that every connection, every seal, is secure and steadfast.

Bringing the system to life is a moment of triumph—a culmination of careful planning and execution that will resonate with every sip enjoyed by your patrons. It’s a pivotal point where your draft beer system transitions from an array of parts to a conduit of joy for beer lovers everywhere.

Mastering the Maintenance: Keeping Your System Pristine

The journey doesn’t end with the first pour; it’s just the beginning of a commitment to excellence. Regular maintenance is the guardian of your draft beer system’s performance, ensuring that every glass served is as good as the last. From the purity of the lines to the precision of the pour, your system requires a vigilant approach to upkeep that protects the quality and flavor of the beer.

Bad Beer Lines compromise taste and increase pour costs for retailers

Neglecting routine cleaning can lead to unsavory guests like bacteria, yeast, and beer stone, each one a potential saboteur of your beer’s character. A quarterly deep clean and a biannual service check keep your system running like a well-oiled machine, safeguarding against the unseen threats that can compromise the draft beer experience. It’s a disciplined routine that rewards you with the confidence of serving beer at its absolute best, every time.

Establishing a Cleaning Routine

The heart of maintenance is a robust cleaning routine, an essential ritual that ensures the integrity of every beer served. Using the right cleaning solutions and methods, such as caustic or acidic chemicals, eradicates contaminants and keeps the lines flowing free and clear. The dynamic action of a full cleaning solution and loop is unyielding—spotless lines for a pristine pour.

Using Recirculating Pumps To Clean a Draft Beer System

Regular Inspection and Upkeep

The vigilance of regular inspection is the silent hero that keeps your draft beer system in peak condition. From the CO2 levels to the pressure regulators, each component demands attention and care to ensure the consistent delivery of quality beer. Worn parts such as faucets and couplers are scrutinized and cleaned or replaced without delay, preventing the slightest imperfection from tainting the beer.

Preventative maintenance is the shield against contamination, fending off mold, yeast, and beer stone that can lurk after serving richly flavored beverages. It’s a routine that instills confidence in your operation, knowing that every pour is a testament to your dedication to maintaining a pristine draft beer system.

Enhancing Your Service with Specialized Equipment

Drawing of a Remote Beer System and Parts

To thrive in the competitive landscape of beverage service, enhancing your offerings with specialized equipment cleaning services is not just an option; it’s a necessity. These tools and innovations not only streamline your service but also add a layer of excitement and sophistication that customers notice and appreciate. From growler programs that drive brand awareness to jockey boxes that bring draft beer to any event, the possibilities are as diverse as the beers you serve.

Growlers offer patrons the joy of taking their favorite draft beer home, fresh and perfectly chilled, while automated growler fillers elevate the efficiency and experience of your takeaway service. Whether it’s a simple tube attached to a tap or a state-of-the-art filling machine, these specialized tools are the extra touches that set your service apart.

The Role of Jockey Boxes in Events

The jockey box, a humble yet powerful tool, transforms any event into a draft beer celebration. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness, with coils and shanks ushering beer from keg to glass, all while immersed in an ice bath that guarantees a refreshing experience with every pour. Perfect for those high-demand moments, jockey boxes are the secret weapon for events where electricity is scarce and quality cannot be compromised.

Standard Jockey Box Setup

Moreover, these portable dispensers are blank canvases for your brand, presenting opportunities to showcase your logo and graphics, making your presence at events both memorable and visually appealing. Jockey boxes are not just functional beer dispenser; they are ambassadors of your brand, connecting with customers through the universal language of cold, delicious beer.

Innovations in Self-Serve Beer Systems

The self-serve beer system is a marvel of modern technology, empowering customers with the freedom to pour their own beer and explore new flavors at their own pace. With advancements like iPourIt Technology, patrons have access to a digital sommelier, providing details on each beer and ensuring responsible enjoyment. These beverage systems also don’t just enhance the customer experience; they streamline operations and offer valuable data analytics that inform smarter business decisions.

Innovations continue to revolutionize the self-serve landscape, with systems like ReverseTap offering a novel, hands-free approach that maximizes keg yield and minimizes waste. It’s a fusion of efficiency and entertainment that elevates the art of the self-pour to new heights, ensuring that your establishment remains at the forefront of the beverage service industry.

Troubleshooting Common Draft System Issues

When your draft beer system hits a snag, the ability to troubleshoot common issues swiftly is crucial to keep your beer flowing smoothly. A foamy pour can often be a sign of excessive pressure; adjusting your regulator and bleeding out the excess can restore the balance your beer needs. Conversely, too little pressure can result in flat beer, so ensuring your CO2 tank is on and lines are clear will help maintain the perfect pour.

Here's a PDF for Troubleshooting any Draft Beer System and the Solutions to Fix it

Slow pouring can be a frustration for both staff and customers. A quick check of your regulator gauge and a few adjustments can often remedy this issue. And when your system is noisy, it could be signaling a need for attention—perhaps a leak or an adjustment to the air pump. By mastering these troubleshooting techniques, you ensure that your draft beer system remains a reliable and beloved fixture in your bar.

Customizing Your Draft Beer Experience

Custom Beer Towers

Your draft beer system is more than just a means to serve beer—it’s a canvas for expressing your bar’s unique character. Customization options like distinctive draft towers and personalized tap handles allow you to weave your own story into every element of your beer service. And why stop there? Branded kegerators can turn functional equipment into powerful marketing tools, attracting eyes and piquing interest with every chill cycle.

These bespoke touches are not simply cosmetic; they’re an extension of your brand’s narrative. They create an immersive experience that engages customers and reinforces the connection they feel with your establishment. Customization is the secret ingredient that turns a good beer experience into an unforgettable one.

Technical Support and Expert Services

No matter how well you plan and execute your draft beer system installation and maintenance, there will come a time when you’ll benefit from expert advice and technical support. Collaborating with industry leaders like Micro Matic can provide you with the support and experience necessary to navigate any challenges that arise. As well as collaborating with industry veterans such as Renny's Draft Solutions.

Should you encounter technical issues, customer service teams from companies like Micro Matic stand ready to assist with troubleshooting and advice. And with maintenance services, such as those offered by the company Renny's Draft Solutions, including glycol chiller service and a labor warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your system is in capable hands. The right partners not only provide peace of mind but also contribute to the longevity and success of your draft beer system.

Sourcing High-Quality Draft Beer Equipment

Micro Matic is a Beverage Equipment Supplier

The quality of your draft beer system is directly linked to the equipment you choose. High-quality materials such as stainless steel not only ensure durability but also maintain the integrity of your beer’s flavor. When selecting equipment, compatibility with the beers you serve is paramount.


From the initial spark of desire to enhance your bar experience to the final execution of a flawless draft beer system, this guide has aimed to illuminate every step of the journey. We’ve navigated the complexities of choosing the right system, delved into the intricacies of installation, underscored the importance of diligent maintenance, and explored the vast potential for customization. Along the way, we’ve touched on the value of expert support and the practicalities of sourcing equipment.

So take these insights, fortified with the knowledge and confidence they provide, and embark on your own journey to create a draft beer experience that resonates with every patron who walks through your doors. May your taps flow smoothly, your beer be ever-cold, and your bar becomes a haven for those who appreciate the craft of a perfectly poured pint.

IF you are about to embark on your on installation process please consider talking with us at Renny's. We would be more than happy to bring your system to life.

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